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Restore Your Rental Property Between Tenants

Arrange for make-ready services out of Watauga and Mansfield, TX

What is a make-ready? A make-ready refers to the process of preparing a rental unit after a tenant vacates so that it will be ready for the new tenant to move in. Similar terms to make-ready may be, “apartment turn” or “turnover.”

Getting your rental property ready for your next tenant isn't always as simple as cleaning it up.  Depending on how the previous tenant left the property, you may have a variety of repair needs that could involve coordinating with multiple vendors! 

Here is the Good News!  If your house needs significant help, you can depend on Marquis Maintenance LLC.  Our team will take care of every minor problem for you. and eliminate the need for multiple phone calls or headaches.  We provide make-ready services in the Watauga and Mansfield, TX area and the surrounding 40 miles. You can rest assured that your property won't just look appealing, but that it will also work properly again.

Get the make-ready cleaning, repairs and improvements you need from one experienced handyman. Call Mike at 817-576-3879 now for general information.  Call Clifton at (817) 800-6678 02 for a free quote or to request an appointment.  

How our handyman can help

Make updating your rental property as smooth and easy as possible by working with our experienced handyman. Our make-ready cleaning and repair services include...

  • Touching up damaged interior and exterior paint
  • Repairing damaged drywall, flooring or trim
  • Fixing minor plumbing problems
  • Repairing appliances, doors and locks
  • Appliance and furniture repairs
  • Remove and install new carpets
  • Addressing electrical repairs

    We can make any size home as good as new. Schedule make-ready services by calling us today!